At HR Strategy Advisors, LLC, we are committed to providing our clients with comprehensive and customized HR solutions that align with their business objectives. Our mission is to partner with clients to understand their unique needs and challenges and develop and implement HR strategies and tactics that drive organizational growth, engagement, and success. We strive to be a trusted and reliable client partner, offering expert guidance and support at every step of the HR process. Our goal is to empower our clients to build strong and effective HR practices that foster a culture of respect, inclusivity, and excellence.

  • Partner With Us Today

    Allow us to create a consistent and compliant HR ecosytem.

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    Basic Plan

    For HR Monitoring and General Surveilannce of HR Org Health


    per month

    HR Compliance Monitoring

    Employee Handbook Review

    Employee Relations (up to 10 hours)

    Most Popular

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    Pro Plan

    HR Operational Support and Business Process Improvement


    per month

    Basic Plan Features

    Performance Mgmt. (up to 10 hours)

    Full-Cycle Recruitment (up to 10 hours)

    Training & Development (up to 20 hours)

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    Enterprise Plan

    Dedicated HR Consultant for Strategic Planning and Complex HR Needs


    per month

    Pro Plan Features

    One-on-one coaching

    Performance Mgmt. (up to 20 hours)

    Strategic Planning (up to 30 hours)

  • Examples of Recent Projects


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    Performance Management System Review

    A Performance Management System Review will take a deep dive into your organization's philosophy towards performance management, review current methodology and established best practices, and review engagement and adoption data. A detailed report will be shared with key business leaders, including business, compliance, and legal insights. Lastly, recommendations for enhancement will be shared.

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    Development of an Employee Handbook

    An employee handbook is a critical component of any organization's policies and procedures while also ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. It is a widely referenced communication tool organizations use to share important information. At the same time, organizations can empower employees by providing them with information about their rights, benefits, and resources available to them.

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    Process Re-Engineering

    Achieve process efficiency and optimization by re-evaluating and streamlining HR processes in order to realize business objectives and key results (OKRs). The primary purpose of process re-engineering is to identify and eliminate any unnecessary steps or activities that create bottlenecks, reduce productivity, or lead to errors in HR processes. Throughout this process, our team will take a methodical and thoughtful approach to business needs and culture and we help to position the organization for transformation and change.

  • How It Works


    Consultation & Agreement

    This time will be used to discuss the scope of work being requested, identify key collaborators of the defined work, and define our engagement style (e.g., project-based work or retainer work).


    Initiation of Work

    Depending on the engagement style selected and the scope of work defined, we may begin by condcuting a project planning session or outlining a meeting cadence for consulation and advise. More details will be shared as we move towards this step.


    Work Conclusion

    For project-based work, we'll deliver products and solutions within scope and budget. For consulting work, we will define the specifcs of when our working relationship will begin and end. In the meantime, feel free to ask us any questions along the way!