At HR Strategy Advisors, LLC, we are committed to providing our clients with comprehensive and customized Career Coaching and Career Development solutions that align with their career goals. Our mission is to partner with clients to understand their unique needs and challenges and develop and implement solutions leading to growth, offering expert guidance and support at every step. Our goal is to empower our clients to build solid and effective portfolios that lead to interviews, job offers, and promotions.

  • Individual Products & Services


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    Curriculm Vitae (CV) Consultation

    Preparing to teach in academia or position yourself for a research career? This is the service for you! You will leave with a well-written and clearly articulated vision of your teaching philosophy and research approach highlighting professional accolades and accomplishments to secure interviews and positions you to command a higher annual salary.

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    Professional Resume Consultation

    Want to position yourself for that next promotion or change industries? A new resume will give you the confidence to apply for new, more challenging positions. Take this opportunity to invest in your professional growth!

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    Career Coaching & Professional Development

    Interested in regular, on-going Career Coaching and Professsional Development?! This service was designed for professionals that want to take a thoughtful and proactive approach to realizing thier career goals.

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    Professional Career Journals

    Professional Career Journals were uniquely designed to create greater employee engagement and supervisor engagement. These research-backed journals help employees prepare for their annual performance evaluations using quantifiable data points collected over the first year of a new role. Position yourself for that next promotion or annual salary increase with this one-of-a-kind Professional Career Journal.

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    Professional Resume Package

    Job hunting can be challenging. Don't go at it alone. Work with one of our Strategy Advisors to help streamline your job search with the Professional Resume Package. Get a professionally written resume, job search assistance, and interview preparation.